Renaming tag on Android does not sync to desktop

I recently renamed a tag on my phone and the change didn’t make it to the desktop.
Are there any known bugs? I couldn’t reproduce this and I don’t know of any other sync issues.

There are no known specific bugs with sync at the moment. If you notice it repeat again in a similar scenario, then it’s worth investigating the pattern.

Also having similar issues with tags — using the app on two laptops and if you rename them on one instance and the changes to not appear to sync over to other devices reliably and the result is different data between the apps

Further to this the issue definitely persists particularly when renaming labels — the only way to do this and get the correct data after renaming a label is to force a “Clean Pull” on the other machine so it appears the changes are sync’d to the server but not downloaded by clients

Finally I was able to reproduce this. Will try to fix in the next Android release.


This is perhaps related to an earlier post (Renaming tag on Android does not sync to desktop).

I edited tags on my Android phone, making some of them context/area tags (@ prefix). This change does not propagate to my desktop (Linux).

Also, if I now add an @TAG to an item on the phone, it will appear as TAG on the same item on the desktop.

The process works if I create context tags on the desktop: these propagate correctly to the phone.

Regards, Giuseppe (version 1.7.8)

This is the same issue. Working on a fix.

There is perhaps another instance of the same or a related issue.

Creating an item in “Waiting” with a project on a client Linux machine doesn’t sync to the server. Dragging that same item back onto a different project triggers the sync. (Then dragging the item back to the original intended project gets things correct). Syncing seems fine after that.

This issue has been fixed and is awaiting release.

I have posted a new build that fixes this issue in early access. Please check it out.

How can someone get access to this early access area? Currently it seems that I can’t access it :thinking:

Please go to