Repeating tasks immediately after completing

Currently it’s possible to set a task to repeat every day, in a way that it won’t repeat until current repetition has been completed.
If not too complicated, I was wondering if it would be possible allowing setting up a task so it repeats immediately after you complete it. ‘Every 0 days’.
This would be useful when you have a task you want to repeat a certain amount of times. Currently when I have a situation like this, what I do is create a sequential project and copy the task as many times as needed - but copying takes time as you need to edit the title to remove the ‘copy of’.

I think in this case it might be better to change the way copying works. While the “Copy of” prefix makes things clear, it also gets in the way in many cases. I think there’s no harm removing it, making duplicating tasks even easier.

When it comes to implementing “every 0” days in the way you suggest, I would prefer not to touch the scheduling code for a small thing like this, as there’s a high potential for regressions.

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:+1: Thanks!
Removing ’Copy of’ would also work for me