Scheduled is empty on Android

Android Client,
Version 0.90.0,
Android 8,
Free Version (until I got it integrated in my life)

Sorry for the nooby question but I don’t get it.

Every time I create a new Item, assign it to Scheduled without any more information, my “Scheduled”-Tab stays empty. Is there any possible way to get all entries? I forgot all things I put in there (which seems like being the premise of GTD) and would hate to love the information

PS: Would you mind adding to the documentation where in android the db is saved? I can’t find a folder remotely named after everdo in the emulated fs

I tested a bit around and when I explicitly set Due date I can view it.

Is there any way to recover the missing data? I have no problem with using a sql browser

Last Update: After Reading Where in the file system are applications installed? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange I saw that I have no access to /data/app, I guess its either because its non rooted or a strange blackberry “feature”

Okay one more update:
Had the idea to get the data by syncing to my laptop. I configured the sync with
1234 ← TestAPI Code

The app stopped every time I tried any way of syncing. Doesn’t matter if the server is reachable or not. Some IllegalArgumentException. Submitted the Error Logs via Google Play.

This is a bug with the Android app. You shouldn’t be able to save actions as Scheduled without also specifying the scheduled date. And without the scheduled date, the items don’t appear in the list. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting.

The database is stored in the application storage and is not normally accessible via file manager (that’s why the app doesn’t ask for SD card permissions when you run it).

I think the easiest way would indeed be to sync to a laptop and fix the actions in the desktop app.Then you will be able to both access the database and to fix the action directly in the Scheduled list (the desktop app should still show these items).

Did you follow this? Everdo Network Sync Guide
I will take a look at those logs.

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Yeah, done it that way. An Android update didn’t fix it either, it seems like my old Android 6 is either incompatible or broken. Tested ssh as well, connection works fine and firewall is completely disabled.

I guess I stick to PC for now