[Solved] "Communication error" message when trying to sync from desktop to android


Everdo for Windows 1.1.16 as server, newest version of Android app running on a Galaxy S8 android 8.0 as client. I get the API information right but when I refresh on my phone it says “Communication Error”

EDIT: When I start the program on my computer it says “Everdo API is up” so I think it’s either my network or the app on my phone.


First, let us try a quick test to ensure you phone can “see” the server.

Type this URL into your mobile browser, but replace with your IP, 11111 with your port, and **** with your API key. Make sure to use “https” and not “http”****

If you get ah HTTPS warning, then the connection between devices is fine.
If you get a This site can’t be reached or similar error, then it’s a network issue.

Please try this and let me know the result.

API Key Restrictions

Firefox says “Unable to connect,” so I assume it’s a network issue. I’m using a VPN, but even when I turn it off on both devices it’s the same result. Also my IP field populated automatically with “localhost” instead of an IP. The server is on my laptop, which I’m assuming is set up for a dynamic IP, should I look in to setting it to static?


Yes, that’s it. Need to set up a static IP on the laptop, then specify that IP in settings on all synced devices. Dynamic won’t work because your phone needs to know a specific IP address to connect.


That did it! Thank you so much, I love your application. Now I can use it full time and decide whether to buy the pro version (looking like I might with support like this)


Also works through my VPN which is dope


Hi I am having the same “Communication Error” issue even after following steps mentioned here. I set my Macbook pro to static IP and ran the browser test as per instructions and getting the “Unable to connect” message. I am on Everdo 1.1.26 on macOS 10.12.6.


When you start the app (server), do you see the API up message?

Does the browser test work if performed on the same machine?


When you start the app (server), do you see the API up message?


Does the browser test work if performed on the same machine?

Getting the following messages on computer.

This site cannot be loaded due to a certificate error:


Your connection is not secure

The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.


This means the API is working. If the phone is still unable to connect, that means lack of network connectivity between the two devices. Are you sure the phone is on the same physical network as the computer?