Sub-project (too many projects that are part of the same big project )

I have read and apply the remarks in article : How to Define and Use Everdo Areas Effectively- Everdo .
I would like to have sub-projects for large projects that cannot be put in one area.
Today I multiply too many projects that are part of the same big project (A, B):

  • project A1

  • project A2

  • project A3

  • project B1

  • project B1

  • project A

  • project B


This has been discussed many times, so I’ll be brief - sub-projects will not be supported. Please search the forum if you are interested in seeing the discussion. For example Ability to group/sort projects, create sub-projects but there are other topics as well.

Sorry to bother you with this suggestion.
I didn’t see that in the feature list! (suggestion to write your answer “reject suggestion” )
I just remember discussions from more than a year ago, or you will think about it.
I understand that it is now impossible or difficult. Too bad because contrary to the suggestion on the other thread, I can’t multiply the areas.
Less interesting, but are you also categorical to give the possibility to have subtasks because I don’t see how to solve this number of projects that are not very interesting… increase a lot !




Can you answer me on the subtask part because I don’t see it indicated!

I see that some people are testing 1.5.6 packages!
I’m still under appimage 1.5.3 (obliged to keep at least one application in this format).
Is there a place where I can see the changelog and access to a new version if I didn’t receive the mail ?
I will note the promised link :slight_smile:

I guess you’re pretty busy.
It’s not urgent but I’d appreciate an answer especially if I can get a version that fixes problems?