Synchronization problem with appImage?

During the 1st year of subscription, I synchronized the application under ubuntu (.deb) with the android application without any problem!
For several months now, the synchronization is not working properly or not at all, like at the moment. I use the latest versions of the

  • appImage 1.5.14 pro
  • android 1.2.27 / Honor10
    I have redone several times the proposed method (see Synchronisation not possible - #8 by Andrei )
    On the sync site, it shows that it worked but I don’t have anything that is pushed to the smartphone. By pressing fire, the operation ends in 1 second!
    I didn’t activate the auto sync because if I turn on the wifi, the android application ends immediately

I had problems syncing many months back between an app image install and android as well. I did a clean pull which helped. It happened multiple times but I am on the beta and I didn’t have clean steps to recreate so i didn’t report it. I haven’t had issues for the past 2 months.

Thanks for sharing, however my problem is still there. Today I can’t use the application android anymore !

Are you available?
Can you help me with this problem?