Tag Categories or Hierarchical Tags

I’ve been using Everdo for a couple months now and feel like I’ve got a pretty good understanding of how it works now. New to the forums; I came to ask for some features :slight_smile:

I like the general behavior of filtering with tags in Everdo. But when I start to gather a lot of tags, things get messy pretty quickly. One thing that would help me, personally, is to allow for customized tag “types”. Similar to how Contexts, People and Areas are all custom tag types, but then also add in a collapsible tree view to help eliminate some of the visual clutter and to help figure out where the tag I’m looking for actually is.

I find that I have a handful of different things that I want to classify or filter using tags.
My contexts include:

  • locations (home/office/errands/etc)
  • resources, (computer/phone/etc)
  • time of day (morning/evening/business hours/etc)

I also find it useful to add general high level categories sometimes:

  • Christmas_2020 is one that I used recently. It works well to tag things with it for filtering, since there were lots of smaller related projects.
  • Program-X: I tend to use these similarly for work. Lots of smaller projects for each program. Sometimes I’ll even do sub-programs.
  • TODAY: Given the lack of an official Do Today type feature (or concept in GTD), I find this useful for quickly mapping out a daily plan.
  • Other ad hoc tags, to quickly group, filter and understand my work.
  • I often tag build numbers to tasks so that I can quickly pull up a list of all completed changes. It would be nice to have a “builds” heading for these.

Ideally what I’d like to see in the left hand pane is something along the lines of the following, with each section being collapsible:

  • contexts
    – location
    — home
    — office
    – resources
    — computer
    — phone
    – etc
  • ad hoc
    – Christmas_2020
    – BigThing_72
    – etc
  • builds
    – build_n
    – build_007F
    – build_007E
    – etc
  • People
    – person1
    – person2
  • Areas
    – area1
    – area2

And then a similar collapsible list structure in the top of view filtering.

Ideally, I think I’d like to decide if each tag type could be used to filter the whole application (as Areas are now). That’s obviously an additional layer though. i.e. I use Areas for my work programs now, but I’d like to be able have a “Programs” tag type that could function similarly.

So, I think the problems I’m trying to solve are:

  • Visual tag clutter, which starts to happen at around the 10 tag mark currently.
  • Understanding exactly what a tag is for and/or only seeing a tag if I’m interested in it at the current moment.
  • Sculpting the overall view of the system to suit my own needs and ways of thinking better.

Hopefully this all makes some sense. I find tags to be a cornerstone of the way Everdo/GTD works, so having them be as flexible and personal as possible really helps to fine tune the system.

Thanks for considering!


Hello Jon,

To be straight with you, hierarchical tags are not in the plans. My current belief is that they are an over-complication.

For the types of things that you have described I think you might be able to successfully use existing features like projects, checklists and the Next/ Focus lists. You could also experiment with namespacing your tag names so that they sort closer together.

Not sure I understand this. I use only about 20 tags personally, so I admit it’s more difficult for me to relate users who use many more tags. But I wouldn’t consider 20 tags to be cluttering the UI too much. Grouping them into a tree certainly doesn’t obviously reduce clutter.

Do you utilize area-based filtering to the fullest? When you do, the number of tags that you see at once should drop drastically. Please see https://everdo.net/blog/everdo-areas/ if you have not.

Would you please specify 2-3 of the biggest issues or sources of friction you have with the current system?