"Tomorrow"-section in scheduling view, Group by day of week

is it possible to show an extra “Tomorrow”- section in the scheduling view? It will make it really easy to look at and see what is coming up the next day! For now I have to look at the dates.


It is so frustrating that this is not already there.

Great idea in my opinion. It’s funny how I struggle with this sometimes, but don’t even notice the problem :laughing:

Thanks for pointing it out!


Don’t beat yourself up dude. You’re doing a great job.

I would also love to see this! :slight_smile: It also seems like the “Planned” doesn’t work on Android. On my PC I see all the tasks that have Due Date this week, but on Android it show nothing inside of that list. I made sure the filters are all cleared, but still nothing.

Don’t worry I don’t :wink:

An update for Android is coming out early next week and this feature is going to be there.


Breakdown ¨This Week¨ view in separate days for Schedule section. Todoist app used a similar feature for its Next 7 Days section, by presenting scheduled tasks each one in their assigned weekday (Monday, Tuesday…). Currently Everdo Desktop shows “This Week”, “Next Week” and “Future Dates”, and if you need to check which weekday is for an specific date, only workaround I found is to click on the date field to bring up the Repeat Task menu where I can see the workday name.

A “Tomorrow” section is also getting added in the nearest release on all platforms.
I think what you are proposing could be implemented as a view option similar to “Group by project”, but specific to the Scheduled view. It would be called “Group by day of week” or something like that and it would replace the “Next Week” section with several sections corresponding to individual days.


This sounds really really nice!! This will improve the weekly review!

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glad to know it will be implemented soon. feel excited about it. thanks Andrei

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Really looking forward to enjoy what the chef de cuisine prepared for us!

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The main reason for the release is a major bug fix. But a few tweaks like this one are included as well.


I wish I’d mentioned this before but; while “due tomorrow” is really desired, “over-due” is just as desired for me personally.

I hope that they both show up in the near future. I know you’ve got mountains on your plate Andrei.

Thanks for everything.

In fact, “Due Today” will start working as “Overdue” since this update. As it does on Desktop.

I like the new view! Thank you very much!!

Just updated but I still see " due yesterday " bundled in with “due today” and no “due tomorrow” .

I tried force quitting the app but maybe I need to clear the cache?

I need to work on tasks which are “due yesterday” before I work on stuff that’s " due today" , but currently I don’t see a way to get at all the stuff due yesterday.

There was never a due tomorrow filter.

In this case you can use “Due Today” and it will include both, then you pick what’s most urgent. I think it’s better than to switch between “Due Today” and “Overdue” because both are equally urgent. What do you think?

Removing a feature as a feature?

If I could throw money on features, I would have already put money on the ability to filter due yesterday and today and tomorrow, in separate filters.

It is such a pain having to wade through due yesterday and due today in the same list.

Not everyone is good at sifting through data in front of them mentally.

It takes people like me more time to process information, so I need to see less at a time.

When due yesterday and due today are in the same list I have to mentally hold that information in my mind when trying to decide what to do.

You added the Today separator in the Scheduled tasks list but that was actually needed in the focus list. The scheduled task list can only see scheduled tasks which is only less than 50% of what is due tomorrow. What kind of workflow is that?

That’s what I needed in Focus.

Overdue and due are completely different things.

There isn’t even a filter for due tomorrow.

That makes things really complicated.

Basically the only hack I can think of to make due for now is make a tag for due and over due and tomorrow and just not use your due date feature. Just manage it all with tags.

If the due date feature can’t distinguish between due today and overdue and due tomorrow, what use is that. That makes more work for the user.

I understand why it’s good to see due today and due yesterday together. I’m not saying that is bad.

I just need to see due yesterday alone and I don’t mind if due yesterday has two days ago stuff in it either.

I can’t be they only one who is frustrated not having a way of separation between yesterday today and tomorrow.

@joshuarobison I think you misunderstood this topic, it was all about “Tomorrow”-section in scheduling view.

I really do not like, that you complaining about something and that there is only one right solution for you and that you propose that all users will find it useful. You can ask nicely if there is a possibility to implement that feature.

In my opinion it makes sense that “overdue”-task are bundled in “due today”, because you can’t do this tasks in the past anymore. Does it really matter if it’s from yesterday or x-days? You have to do it today or you have to defer it. (I think there shouldn’t be sooo many overdue task in a good system anyway…)

Maybe a solution for this is a viewing option. When you’re filtering “due today” first the overdue dates will show up on top from “overdue x-days” to “due today” at the bottom or vise versa. I don’t know how they show up currently, because my overdue tasks are in my focus list, and my focus list is nice and shortly. Are they mixed in the current filter view?
The view in “due within 7 days” could also work this way, on top the “due tomorrow” and than the other days…

On the other hand I do like the idea having the “scheduled items for tomorrow” and the “due tomorrow” items in one view. But I have no idea how to implement that nicely. For me that would be a planning/review feature.

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