What would happen at the End of life of Everdo?

At some point, I feel like I remember reading that if the Everdo team stopped working on the project it would be released as an open-source project.

I can’t find where I read that or remember if I even really read it.

I was curious about that because if that’s the case it definitely could be the “last productivity app you’ll ever need”.

This is essentially correct. I would certainly prefer to open source the code rather than it becoming abandoned because of the lack of support.


I have not read it and I hope it is not true :roll_eyes:
Everdo task manager is fundamental to organize my professional and personal life.
After I understand the difficulty to live from it and I suggested to think about increasing the financial income especially for the fast support (not community) and the development of new features by crowfunding call
To discuss it Evolution everdo, response time and economic model!

really? i hope it is not true…

This was a confusing topic title, so I renamed it.
Everdo is fine, my reply was to a hypothetical question by @andrew_elkins.