Where is Private Cloud Sync

I noticed that there is Local Sync and Everdo Cloud Sync but I want to Sync to Everdo in my own cloud.

I wouldn’t be using Everdo servers or cloud.

It seems odd that I can sync my phone and desktop while on a local network and my desktop is essentially running as the server but I want my Everdo in my cloud to run as the server.

Running Everdo in my personal cloud allows me anonymity and privacy instead of having to sync up with Everdo servers…

It is odd that this option does not exist.

I understand the demand for an everdo cloud for people who do not run their private server but I have my own server and would like to sync to that.

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@joshuarobison Everdo advertizes its server sync solution as having strong end-to-end encryption, so it should keep your privacy. Of course, you still need to trust them that they are doing things properly. But from their side, there is little need for such a feature. Supporting other server/cloud backends would be a lot of additional work for them, that would only lead to less revenue when people do not subscribe for sync. So they would need to make people pay more for the “own cloud feature”, but even that would not work as a business model because there are probably too few Everdo users who run their own cloud.

Just as an explanation why this does not exist. I’m not saying that it would not be a nice feature to have.

It could simply be part of the pro version, motivating more people to buy. For me at least it would be a strong feature. Currently I always have to have my mac running, my phone or tablet unlocked and the program running on both machines, just to sync.
Imo there is no need to increase the price, if it increases the sales.
There is already a feature request for a headless server which would enable sync to your own cloud: Headless / Raspberry pi version (for server sync)
Developed once, it would not generate any more costs. The cloud sync service also has hosting and maintainence costs. As a developer myself, I think it should not be that much of an effort to enable the software running headlessly on x86 and arm.
It could be even simpler to provide the ESS a self-hosted option.


Yes, I too would be happy to have a self-hosting or headless server option, but…

In my experience, no software feature can be “developed once” and then be left alone. You always need to maintain it, adapt when underlying libraries and platforms update, and you will have more requests and work because people want more features or want the server to run on platform X in addition to platform Y or because they don’t get it running, file bug reports and ask for support. All these requests sum up and take your time as a developer. So the author would need to make people pay more for the pro version to compensate for that and the lost revenue for the sync service. Or offer a “super pro” version for people who want to self-host the service that would be higher priced. We as users should also have an interest in whether the sofware and service is sustainable and profitable for the developer, and does not become too bloated and unmaintainable, because otherwise further development will not take place and long-time availability is not guaranteed.

How about the option in the Everdo app;
pay an extra fee to unlock headless server option to run on personal cloud?

As it is, I don’t want to put my data on Everdo clouds and I don’t want to find a local network to sign into just to backup my phone and laptop.

So, kind of stuck.