Why is there no item counts in all sections of the sidebar?

Inbox, waiting, and focus all show counts. They would be appreciated in the other sections too: next, someday, projects

The idea behind counts in navigation is to draw attention, i.e. if the count is not zero, it means you have something to review.

Having counts everywhere would defeat this purpose and create distraction.

Makes sense too.

Maybe this is a workaround: when you click into the list, the list can show how many items are in there.

I’m a numbers guy and knowing how many active or scheduled projects I have means something to me :slight_smile:

How about showing count in list sections, like it currently does for done tasks.

Done (68 items)

I just went to check this and you know what? We basically already have this (I keep discovering stuff in Everdo). When I collapse Active it already gives me the count. Works anywhere, it seems.

Maybe this is the best of both worlds? Clean list, see more info when collapsed?

Haha I forgot about it myself. I think it’s nice where features just appear when you need them and don’t clutter the UI at other times. Bad for discoverability though.

Maybe the task number could appears when pointer is over the group title when tasks are expanded ?! (Actions, Done, etc.)
Still bad for discoverability, though a bit less.

It’s an option.

When it comes to discoverability, the balance in Everdo is and will be more in favor of users who are willing to stick to it and learn just a bit.

This won’t appeal to everyone, but at least it will be a tool that is both simple and powerful.

The other path is to make everything a setting. Enable or disable counts next to XYZ, enable/disable time, etc.

For me, I don’t need to know and see all the time how many Active projects I have. But I do need to know it sometimes, like during a review. This, the count on collapse, solves my need and keeps the program looking clean.

Just one of those things to list in a FAQ: How to see counts of items on a list

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I think the same, sometimes its neccesary, the number of items and the sum of time, for example when you filter a tag or a context.

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