Will the Everdo project, and the tasks, get new features soon?

Hello @Andrei

A long time ago, Everdo had a roadmap that progressed slowly but surely. Now there’s just minimalist support for a few questions or bugs. I like Everdo a lot, but if there’s no roadmap or response to suggestions, I’ll start looking for an alternative (at least for tasks).

I understand that developing a project of this nature takes time and that perhaps there are fewer and fewer license purchases if someone sees the roadmap messages or rather slow responses!??

I had suggested a business model with a low annual subscription to pay for desired developments, or even a donation for added features.

My main request is to have subtasks (apart from the possibility, which I find too cumbersome, of putting “-” in a task. Is this really out of the question?

Here’s my list again Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog - #84 by herveD
improved layout (bold …)
integration of a link to a file on the computer
integration of an image

indicate the number of occurrences in the task management to be able to eliminate them

“etat” should find items with “etat” or “état”.
cross to clear the search field
adding : add a modification date column (perhaps optional in the configuration); this helps to find the latest modifications

by task name
date of creation of the task

send an email to the everdo mailbox
Hide/show all notes in 2 icons
larger icons or possibility to enlarge the whole content of everdo
a cross to quickly delete the search term


I understand what you mean. I’m sorry for low responsiveness. I’m going through a period where I’m very pressed for time, so I fail to keep up with the forum and give fair consideration to all topics and posts. As you have noticed, maintenance and support take higher priority. There has been a significant invisible backlog of operations-related work, which takes away from app development.

I know you and others have put effort into your feature suggestions, most of which are very useful. I do value the input from the community, otherwise features like the dark mode would never be released.

Unfortunately, I have not developed a good system to make all the suggestions visible and communicate the final decision/priority of each feature. As time shows, a forum like this one is not a good place to keep this information, as it becomes buried under new posts and discussions go in circles and new ideas can be lost.

I’m aware of this situation and I’m thinking of ways to make things better.


Hey @Andrei,

thanks for answering some of my questions I also asked a while ago here.

I’m sure as a developer you are aware of this possibility, so this is just a notice. Maybe a Git repository could be a good place to manage and prioritize bugs and feature requests in the future? There are plenty of solutions out there (self-hosted and SaaS) where most of them are free to use.

Good luck for the upcoming stressful period and good to hear that the project is not dead :partying_face:

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One of the reasons the backlog gets out of date and lack transparency is the friction of keeping it up to date as priorities change and new suggestions are added. So I’m think it’s better to use something lighter, like a public spreadsheet. Then it’s easy to see the big picture at a glance and very quick to add new stuff or update things.

Some of these sound like they already exist in some form, for example

cross to clear the search field

There is no cross, but you can use the escape key to clear the search quickly

add a modification date column (perhaps optional in the configuration); this helps to find the latest modifications

There is no UI setting buy you can edit config.json to include "showMetadata": true, which will display the audit dates in the editor.

larger icons or possibility to enlarge the whole content of everdo

Enlarging the contents is possible by using the scaling factor in Settings/General.

Some of the suggestions are unlikely to ever be implemented, for example

  • integration of images into notes
  • sort by task name / date