Group by type in focus list and other lists [Windows]

I would prefer grouping by item type in focus list. Like it’s grouped in the search results list.

So all next actions are together, as well as waiting fors and projects.

At the moment it’s not easy to distinguish those different types and it’s just a big lump of yellow stars, mixed up up with some red overdue dates.

In general more group and sort options should be available on all lists. In a GTD list manager I’d expect those kind of features, So I’m able to slice and dice my information as needed.


Didn’t we discuss this recently? Can’t find that topic…

The design assumption for the Focus view is that it contains a small set of items (about one screen). The is especially true when using the Area filter.

I would like to understand where the need to for grouping/sorting comes from.

It was my request and here is the explanation:

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Yep I thought that too and couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s somwhere inside those multiple year long threads which I find hard to keep track of.

In an ideal world this would be true and sufficient. I would prefer this too. But in my case this is not always true. e.g. At the moment I have 37 items in the focus list and it’s hard to
distinguish between next, waiting and project.

I always have MASSIVELY more to do than I could ever do on a given day or week!!!

If your software is built just for the ideal world scenario then leave it like that, I just expect a somewhat basic sorting and grouping when it comes to a GTD taskmanager / listmanager.

I don’t think it’s necassery to discuss whether this is a common need or not since sorting and grouping in general is a bit lacking in everdo.

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Any decision about this?

Just to remind it. Any thoughts?

I think this is a good explanation and this feature could be worthwhile. I has been added to the list.

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Any news on this one? Right now I have 43 Focused items.

  • 3 Focused Projects
  • ~10 overdue delegated actions / Waiting fors.
  • 3 Checklists as notes
  • and the rest are actions

Grouping them would add to the overview and significantly reduce my feeling of overwhelm when looking at the focus list. :grinning:


I would love to see this too. My focus window is less useful than it could be. At the very least, I would like to see a distinction between tasks I’m waiting for vs tasks I need to do myself.

This hasn’t bee started but it will be considered after the upcoming mobile releases.

Hi Andrei. Any updates on this one? Focus view is difficult to use when it mixes my tasks and waiting-for tasks in the same list.

It’s partially done. Unfortunately it turned out more complicated then expected.

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Any updates in this one?

It remains partially done because of causing major regressions. However I think it should be ready either in the following release, or the one after.

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It would be really nice if I could then also group / filter out any tasks with as start date in the future. I want them to become focused right when I can do them, but any time before that, they would just clutter the focus list.

If the start date is in the future couldn’t you just schedule the task and make sure the star is unchecked? That way it would be in the scheduled list until the start date and then would automatically become focused. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking for.

Sorry to answer late. I’m in the middle of moving, so don’t check my email regularly.

Now I’m not sure, either, if I get your point correctly. :smiley: How would a task with a future start date becomes focused if I don’t check the star? How does Everdo know, that the task should be added to the focus list if I don’t tell it? Or maybe I overlooked some settings?

When you schedule a task for the future it automatically becomes focused on the start date as a reminder. It’s built into the program. If you set a due date it will also become focused on the date it’s due and won’t let you unfocus it unless you change the due date.

The program is really great about letting you set things and forget them until needed.

I see. That’s great. Thank you for the hint! :slight_smile:

I think this topic is somewhat related to other current discussion.
I don’t see why we should discuss by what elements the list could be sorted or grouped by. Every user has other needs.
So best thing IMHO would be to implement a rock solid universal usable sorting and group by feature.

Let the user decide what fields to sort or group by and do not get in the way by overthinking what fields to offer and which ones not.

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