Open "New Inbox Item" with hotkeys, even if not currently using Everdo

I use Ubuntu. It would be great if I could set a hotkey (say control + shift + I) that would pop up the “New inbox item” (like what ‘i’ does now, when running the program), even when I don’t have the Everdo window open.

So I’m working in whatever other program, and I randomly have a thought I want to add to Inbox, I can just do the hotkey, the “New Inbox Item” box comes up, I enter it, and then it disappears. So whenever I open Everdo, I’ll have that in my inbox.


This would indeed be nice. Though, I’m using Windows.

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Unless I’m misunderstanding things that’s actually on the roadmap. Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog

It’s in the A list of features.

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It’s not clear to me if that’s what it’s referring to or if “Global hotkey for inbox capture” refers to the use of ‘I’ currently to enter into inbox globally from the program; I assumed it referred to the ‘i’ and that the list has not been updated since this feature came out. But maybe I’m incorrect about this and the feature is already on the roadmap.

Per Andrei that does refer to an OS level hotkey. I found where he specifically said it.

OK, that is great!! Sorry I missed that.