Provide the ability to set a reminder from the desktop

Hi @Andrei

I hope you are well. I know GTD is not based on deadlines and reminders as a matter of principle but you added the possibility to have reminders on the mobile app which is sometimes very useful. I would like to be able to set these reminders from the desktop app, which doesn’t seem possible.

Would this be possible or is there a technical constraint to this?

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Hello! One of the problems with this is that a reminder set on a computer will not propagate to your mobile devices until you open the app there. This makes the feature much less useful.

Okay, thanks for the explanation. But I must admit that it would still be useful because I open the application on the phone every day … In case I forget, I could even make it a recurring task :wink:

I would add that I would also find it very useful to be able to see the time of the reminder from the desktop application.

Of course, it’s still pretty useful. I’ll get to it someday.