To launch a 2nd desktop application with different database


I always have my GTD everdo list under ubuntu.
I will occasionally wish to open a second “secret” list from another file. Is it possible ? the kind with free version next to the paid? That would surprise me, but in this case is it possible to add it to the list of requests?

thank you for answering me even if it is not possible in the short term or long term otherwise

Sorry, I haven’t been on the forum since your post.

Right now it’s not possible to open more than one instance of the app on the same computer. I think it’s technically possible, but for now I assume that the need for this feature is quite low, so I should not distract from implementing more urgent features.

I’m voting for this feature, too. I often find myself working on one project in everdo - doing real work. Then someone asks me for information on an other topic / project, then I have to to leave the current working context to find what was needed and come back.
The mental cost of switching back and forth between parts, lists and projects is quite high in this case.
See my earlier request Desktop: Multiple instances of Everdo If possible, please add it to the development roadmap.

Thanks for the answer, yes there is life outside the computer :slight_smile:

Ok I understand but as it is important for me, I will try to launch a 2nd desktop application. I’m not sure it’s the same need for @manu . Rather than 2 instances, my idea is rather to have 2 distinct everdo. example of use: public / private, company / association … I know how to use the areas but in this case it is another need

Perhaps it would be possible “simply” under linux with a container application of type appImage with its parameter file in a personal directory (already requested for easier saving)

Yap, you are right, I misunderstood your case

I see that these are two different cases.

Indeed it should be possible to specify a different data directory with AppImage.

However the restriction of only running one instance of the app at the same time still needs to be removed in code.

@manu by the way this could work for your use case as well, as long as both instances are synced.

You mean syncing two instances with separated databases via ESS although everything is on the same machine. Hm, interesting approach. It’s a workaround but would do the job.


If I understand correctly, this could be possible with a container :slight_smile: but not today !?
Would that be added to the roadmap? which list? to know roughly the time?

Yes, this is what I meant.

AppImage uses the value of $HOME environment variable. So for example you could run Everdo by typing this in the terminal

HOME=/home/user/everdo-data ./Everdo.appimage

In this case the application will write data to /home/user/everdo-data instead of the default location.

This already works, but the problem is you can’t run a second process of Everdo simultaneously.

I think it’s a minor change, so I’ll add it to the scope for next release for now.